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Originally Posted by cec2725 View Post

I am fairly new to this forum so please let me know if I need to post this somewhere else. I still don't understand how the visa process works.

My situation: I am French, married for almost 5 years with my Australian husband. We have 2 kids and we live in the US.

We are planning on moving next year to Australia. So, I applied on October 2 for a partner visa (309) online.
I submitted first my application, I paid (ouch, so much money!) then my husband submitted his. We uploaded all the requested documentation (or so we hope) except for the health check and police check. His application has the status "submitted" whereas mine has the status "in progress". Is this normal?
I immediately got an automated email "IMMI Acknowledgement of Application Received".
What is now the next step? From what I read, someone will contact us in about 3 months, is that correct?

Thanks for helping me figuring out how the visa process work! I hope we did everything right, I am so worried we didn't do it the right way!

Thanks for your help

It's normal for the immi website to say "submitted" for your partner/sponsor but have the recipient of the visa have "in progress".
We got an email a couple of weeks after applying, but it's just a standard email that they send to everyone, basically letting you know that if you have further questions you can email them directly.
My husband didn't get his personalised email until about 5 months after application. That email asked for the things that we didn't have uploaded yet, such as police checks. The timeline for this is constantly changing though, unfortunately it seems to be taking longer.
I hope this helps

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