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Originally Posted by cec2725 View Post
Great Wendy. I just submitted and paid for mine too. I already uploaded all my documents. Just be aware that there is a limitation on the number of files you can upload. I didn't know and wanted to upload a couple of more things but couldn't. I had known, I would just have combined some of them (like put all the utility bills in one pdf for example, instead I uploaded them one by one). I don't know what the limit is but I had uploaded a bit over 60 documents when I got the error message.
Good luck!
Thanks cec! Yup, I've been lurking and reading and researching for months now. I'm going to try and combine files as much as possible so that they are just under the 5mb limit. Someone else also had a fantastic idea to put together a document that is a master to all the singular documents. I'm going to do this too. Anything to make it easier for the CO's. After all we are dependent upon them to be able to get thru our applications and the easier we make it for them the better it is for us!
Good luck to you too!

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