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Unhappy withdraw defacto application

Hey message to find out what the G.O is with withdrawing applications... as in is there a refund.. or do we loose the whole $3000+

We applied for a defacto temp visa 13 months ago... and i have been on the phone and emailing immigration wondering where we are at.. some people are helpful, others are a dead end..

We are leaving the country in September to return to my partners home country in Canada for family reasons.. which means we would have to apply for a bridging VISA B.. however in doing this would have to give a return date.. which we cannot estimate right now due to this family matter.

I received one email back when I asked what was going on, and now there stating we did NOT include a AFP report, but when the application was lodged my partner had only been in Australia for 8 months.. which waived the whole living in another country for 12+months so need police check from each country living in for 12 months +..... so is this right.. because it has taken almost 14 months we now need one?? regardless we have applied.. but the AFP is experience high demand.. 4 week demand.. we have 5 weeks until we fly out.. so we are think we may need to withdraw application and count our losses... so so sooooo upsetting and stressful.. but maybe it isnt worth the stress

Ps we applied onshore.. which is why we need to be here

Anyways main questions are..
What are the repercussions with withdrawing a defacto VISA
do we really need a AFP if when application was lodged hadnt been in Australia for 12 months?

Any advice would be great.. i dont believe the person emailing me back is my C/O as they were only emailing me when I first emailed them.. so maybe we wont even be approved for another 2-3 months? which we dont have