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Originally Posted by sasasou View Post
Hi guys,

this was the kind of information I was.....or rather not....waiting for.

I applied in May and had a phone interview on 27th of July (I applied in Berlin). My CO told me after we were finished, that they just got the information in, that processing times have been extended. Instead of the 5 months on the website, it would be rather 6-8 months. She said this is because they are receiving so many applications.
If I got her right, she also explained, that they could e.g. give me a yes quite soon, but that there would be a certain date, when the visa would be valid. E.g. she sends me an eMail now saying that my application will be approved but valid in two more month.

Has someone experience with that???

Because we had now this delayed told, I replanned my departure for the his end of the year....but does it take now even longer??? (8-9 months?)

At the interview date, I have been asked for more evidence. We got it all together and it has been sent this saturday. So I am so much hoping for an answer by next week, since our CO is usually responding very quick.


Hi Sasa,

Sorry to hear that its going to take longer than you originally thought. I don't think anyone writing in this thread will know about the berlin embassy as from what I can tell we are all applying in London. From what I can tell the processing times are different at different embassies. All I can suggest is try and look on the bright side knowing that you are definitely getting it eventually!!

Best of Luck!

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