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Originally Posted by AshishSharma1982

I am also applying for Skills Assessment for Software Engineer on my own.

Could someone please tell me what are the steps for the visa application? As per my understanding it goes as follows:
1) Skills Assessment
3) EOI
4) Visa Application

Also, while filing the Skills Assessment, I found that Work Exp. letter format is very detailed in their website. My Work Exp. letters only mention Dates and Designation. Also, how to mention the work exp. for the current company?

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Hi Ashish,

You are right in the process except that 1&2 can be interchanged. You can do first either the IELTS or ACS. One is not a pre-requisite of the other.

As for the format, again, I suggest you request a new certificate from your previous employers. Come to think of it, without the roles/responsibilities, how will ACS know that you did software engineering-related jobs? What will be their basis?

I am currently requesting certificates from my 4 previous employers and I tell you, it's not an easy task. My requests are put on low priority now as I'm no longer connected with them. But it's okay, I know they will respond to it eventually as I have indicated in my request that I'm applying for an Australian visa. Small steps each day, this will be finished soon.