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Originally Posted by forbesal View Post
Hi all!

Such unexpected and great news came today... Visa granted! I'm ecstatic and in utter shock. Here i was just thinking today was going to be a normal day, I casually checked my email and there it was! I thought for sure I was in for a 12+ month wait being that I applied in Brisbane.

CO assigned: unknown

Date granted: 03 Oct 12!

On a side note, other then applying for bridging visa B, I didn't make any additional inquiry-type contact with immigration. However, I do remember that when submitting my police certificates, i attached a letter indicating that my application is decision ready. As many before me have indicated, this could be vital to getting a "quick" processing time. Maybe instead of calling immi, some could try writing a formal letter to the place they applied? I'm of the sort that formal documents addressed and signed have a stronger impact than a note in an electronic file saying that the applicant called- you know? Then the information on file would be in your words, not the impatient words of the call centre people.

Anywhoo, I wish the very best to all who are waiting. Xx
Such great news! I'm so happy for you! I sent in my application just a month after yours, so I'm not expecting a response anytime soon. My application is not decision ready because I can't get through the police checks in the countries I've been to without DIAC giving me a request letter for it. Fingers crossed!