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Originally Posted by lauralou View Post
How worried should we be if we've accidentally put the wrong dates in the applications? :/ It's just been so confusing because the questions are repeated so many times but are worded differently etc.
We have our partner statements explaining the entire timeline and history of our relationship so it's all very clear in that, and we have evidence of living together since June 2013..
Don't stress. We also had a lot of "huh..? did we ...? was it ..?" moments when filling in our forms AND - unlike you, our Sponsor form and Applicants forms didn't even correspond! We both used slightly different logic when we filled in our forms and only realised later that we had put in different dates. We got our visa anyway.

I think your Evidence is far more important than small anomalies in your dates, if your CO had concerns, they will contact you. Remember you can keep uploading evidence until your visa is processed so if you have left anything out, you can still add it in.

Good luck!

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