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H.Protaganist atleast you can make a positive out of a negative! I honestly hope you get approved real soon and I think you will! Would make for a perfect Christmas Present aswell! I honestly would not stress though about you staying in Australia on a tourist visa affecting your partner visa. If anything you think they would speed up the process since they can see you and your partner want to be together. And I would say you already have a Case Officer considering I applied in July and have been told that I have a case officer but have heard nothing from them. I would say you will be getting approved by January hopefully earlier and at the end of the day your only getting closer to the approval so that makes it a little easier when you think about it that way.

My partner and I are going to be doing the same thing, and go on a holiday to NZ or Bali once his visa is approved. We are really hoping it is approved before February but who knows now. I just want to start my life with him, for the last four years we have been back and forth and now we are finally ready to settle down in Australia atleast until we are ready to go back to USA in years to come.

My partner did ring immigration while I was in the States recently and tried to get more information out of them about our visa. They won't budge just keep repeating the 12-15 month wait which really annoys me cause I hope to god it isn't that long. My partner plans on flying out to Australia March 1st and leaving his job which will mean he will not have an income here which sucks because we want to be saving money not losing it.

I really am hoping for some positive news in the next few weeks for some of the applicants that applied in April-June. I hope you all get approved soon

If anyone hears of anything from their Case Officer or gets approved please keep us updated on here as it gives the rest of us hope!

Applied for Offshore 309 Visa- 19th of July.

Heard from our CO on 9th of January. They have recommended we apply for the BC100 if we have enough evidence. Hopefully see an approval this or next month!

Next time I will see my partner will be 11th of March.

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