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Originally Posted by CollegeGirl View Post

It probably won't delay you, but keep in mind the requirements for the 309 are greater than for the 300. You'll need to provide evidence of joint finances and a shared household. If you can do that without issue, I'd say go for it. But if you're living separately and apart, aren't sharing finances yet, etc., I'd just wait it out.
Ekkk! Now I'm really nervous cause my hubby and I don't have any of that together stuff seeing we are a new couple. (We spelt that out in our application, not sure if that will help or hinder our case). We are a bit lucky though that we aren't in a hurry for the big tick of approval as he has his daughter living with him till July 2015 and I am taking long service leave for 3 mths (Easter- early July) to take the opportunity to live in the US as a family with my son before we settle here. I was exchange student where my husband lives (D.C.), so I can't wait to be back in my US 'home' for a few mths and not just a few weeks.

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