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Not to make you MORE nervous, but being a new couple isn't a reason for them to waive that. Showing shared finances and households is a requirement for both married and de facto couples. The only difference is that de facto couples (at least, those who haven't registered their relationship) have to have that type of evidence for 12 months or more, whereas married couples don't need it for quite that long. For this reason, many registered migration agents recommend that married couples wait and live together and collect at least a few months of evidence of this nature before applying. If I were you, I'd start collecting it right away and uploading it as you get it. Technically you were supposed to have had this type of evidence when you applied, and creating more evidence from the period after application won't count nearly as strongly, but it's better than nothing.[/QUOTE]

I wouldn't expect them to waive it, but we spelt our circumstances out very clearly and gave as much evidence of our relationship as we could in all areas, including plans for the future. We hit the 60 doc limit and have had to email more (don't know CO but Randy has been in contact with the DC office a fair bit over other issues such as his non immigrating children), of course we are 'collecting' evidence as we are in a relationship that will grow and we'll need this for the next stage or if asked for more by CO, but besides opening a joint savings account in Dec when he's visiting, we don't intend on creating more for the sake of it. To be honest, we have found the entire process and lack of info and transparency by the Immigration dept. completely frustrating. We read the partner visa booklet and all info very carefully and spoke to the info line numerous times with questions but I'm blown away by some of the extra insights that are posted here. If you don't use an agent or didn't know of sites such as this before applying, it's not really an equal playing field is it? One of my best friends went through same process 13 years ago (almost exactly the same as our case only they met online - she's from Maine, her husband from my town), and they said it was a completely different experience back then...cheaper, less complicated and quicker. Sign of the times unfortunately. I guess it's a good thing we don't need that stamp/paper till July 2015...

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