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Question How To "Comply" With the GTE Requirements?

The Genuine Temporary Entrant condition (from what I read) is a necessary criteria to be met by applicants, especially students like me.

Now I did read the criteria and all that -- They are straightforward and understandable. My question however revolves around the personal capabilities of the individual. When I'm assessed according to the nature of my home country, and even my current residence condition; I seem "suspicious".
So basically, what procedures, methods, etc..can people like me do to clarify our intentions? So far it seems I'll have to be carried by the wind; it's a series of unfortunate conditions that combined to form my worries now.

I don't want to be casually denied entry even though I definitely comply with the conditions of temporary stay, but then again...what CAN I do to supplement this fact? If the Department still is doubtful, even with my finance, education, health, records, and other credentials the forms question, what's there left for me to try and clarify? (If any exist)

I hope I didn't sound intimidating with this wall of text . in fact, if anything, I'm just worried. I'm still waiting for my decision for over 3 months now...any enlightenment would be appreciated...even if it's not a consolation. Thanks as always...

In case anyone is wondering, I am led to believe the main culprit standing between me and my acceptance is my current form of residence. Where I live, no such thing as a "permanent" residency exist. Even though I've lived (and will live) here for the entirety of my life, the department will legally consider me illegible. I'm practically a permanent residence..but not on papers. As I said, it just doesn't exist...I believe this unfortunate case alone will be a strong reason to make me suspicious.