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820/801 Applied!!

Hey guys,

So after many dramas my partner and I submitted our visa, on the 19th and got the bridging visa immediately.
Now that's done, we are in the process of uploading out evidence.
I've now reached that stage where I'm stressing about the possibility of refusal.
I have already done this but if I loated the evidence we have this far could someone just give their opinion/advice on it?
-civil partnership certificate
-current joint lease
-electricity bill in my partners name, Internet in mine.
-all letters (bar personal) addressed to me at current address as well as previous address when living with his mother.
-some internet banking and cash deposits to my partners mother for board.
-bank transfers between me and my partner (there's many)
-stat decs from his mother confirming I was living with them from the time I arrived in Aus until the time we moved out together.
-stat decs from 5 friends/family
-phon contract in his name, with proof that I pay for it.
-numerous travel itinerarys (flight/accom) with both our names.
-evidence of contact when I was in UK and him Australia.
-emergency contacts at work
-evidence of furnishinga bought equally
-evidence of groceries bought equally
-statement from my father in the UK and a few friends from the UK
-10 pictures fr various events
-wedding invitations addressed to us both.
-our statements including future/nature of household.
-in the process of getting evidence that we are each other's beneficiar on superannuation.
-photographs of our one bedroom apartment.

Am I missing anything? Or anything good to add, we have explained in the case of the joint bank account that we aren't intereted as transfers between our accounts work well enough.

I've just been focusing on what they could refuse us on as most people in this situation, it terrifies me that I could not be with my partner.