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PMV Price Increase! Options!

I know there will be alot of people being affected by the 50% price increase of the partner and PMV VISAs , My fiance and I are one of them.He is from Bali and Im from Perth.
We have been preparing our application for the last few months, planning on applying in January 2015...and he is now with me on holiday from Bali in Australia for the Christmas/ New Year period. I would say our application is probably 60% complete..... Is there anyway we can apply with what we have now online somehow while in Aussie and then just add to our application while we get things completed? Im trying my best to try avoid having to pay the increased price as the $3085 was a struggle for us.... the new fee will be a big step back for us!
If anyone could advise what our options would be that would be great. or if anyone else is in the same position as us that could offer advice... I know there is only 10 days left of 2014 so its a bit of a rush now!