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Originally Posted by amayataina View Post
Hi, my name is Amaya. I live in the United States. My boyfriend is an Australian citizen from Perth. We plan on getting married and taking me back to Australia. I am trying to find the right visa for me to apply for. I don't want to do the spouse visa because my boyfriend and I have not been together long enough to match that requirement. A little bit about myself. I am 23 years old. I am a caregiver. I support individuals with developmental disabilities. I am looking into doing the same job down in Australia, what would that qualify under? I am also a full time student trying to get my nursing degree. I am a good person. I help other people and I always listen to people when they are going through a rough patch. Life hasn't been good for me in the United States until I met my boyfriend. He is incredible and amazing. He's made my life sooooooooo much better. I want to spend the rest of my life with him in his home country. I want to give up my citizenship here and become a citizen of Australia. My boyfriend speaks highly of his native country. I can only imagine how incredible it is down there. He says the people are very nice too. My wish is to move with him to Australia. However, the steps are very confusing. There are so many visas, and I am not sure which one I qualify for. I would really like to be a caregiver down in Australia because I am familiar with it, and it is a great job! Could someone please lend a hand and help our dream come true. Thank you.

Hi Amayataina,

If you do get married in the States, you qualify for the 309 partner visa, you don't have to meet the 12 month requirement, but you do need to prove living together after you are married and need supporting statements and statutory declarations from family and friends. See form 888.

If you want to get married in the states as we did you have two choices. Marry and apply for the 309 TR partner visa or apply for the 300 PMV visa and when granted go to Australia BEFORE you get married, to activate the visa and then return to the states to marry. If you want to marry in Australia then just go for the PMV 300 and get married there instead. In our case we married here as all my family is here and my husband only has a couple of family members in Australia.

The only other option I see is if you get your nursing degree then you can use that for a skilled migrant application but IMHO that would be potentially more difficult to meet the requirements.

BTW you don't have to give up your US citizenship to become an Australian citizen you can have dual citizenship. It used to be that you did have to surrender your passport but that is now not the case, the US may suggest that you do, but don't do it. It is much easier for you if you keep both.

Good luck


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