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Originally Posted by AJ67 View Post
Ive read about the raises in fees and sent a message to direct through their website where you fill in a form and get a reply via e-mail.
I sent it 4 days ago and just received this in my inbox:


Thank you for your enquiry.

In relation to your question, please note that the partner visa application
fee stands at $2060 for the time being until mid next year.

In relation to your second question, I am able to confirm that the
application is considered lodged once we have received it and processed the

I hope that this helps to answer your query.

Please note:

-The information you are given by the Europe Service Centre will be based
on the information you supply.
-We recommend that you do not make any irreversible travel arrangements
until you have an appropriate visa.

Yours faithfully,

Europe Service Centre
Department of Immigration and Citizenship" Im confused.
This officer cant possibly be unknowing of fees being raised 1.1.2013...??
Or maybe they wont change until 1.7.2013???
Very confused after this reply from immi.
Yeah that is confusing. Although the government has stated it's intent to raise the fees on Jan 1st, it would seem that nobody has told immigration yet. I don't know absolutely for certain that they can raise the fees without some other process in government but if I hadn't already applied and was going to apply soon, I personally wouldn't take the risk of waiting, if you can get your application in before January then I would. Although July is the normal time for fee increases. The press release seemed to be written like it was a done deal.