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Hi Mark,

I've actually stumbled upon this thread when I was trying to find out more about the stat dec required for Partner Visa and the Sponsorship.

I would like to ask a few questions if you don't mind please?

1. It is said that a Stat Dec must be signed by two witnesses however on the forms that I've came across, both for the Applicant ( and the Sponsor (, they both only have 1 place to note the down the signature (on pg. 3), does this mean only 1 witness signature is required?

2. Based on the questions and answers that I have previously read on this thread, the supporting documents for the relationship history is better to be made on the Stat Dec forms that I've mentioned above, however these forms do not have the space to contain all stories/details on other topics that you have provided as examples, such as:

• How you met, when you met, and where you met
• The types of things you tended to do together during dating and courtship (including places you went out, things you did together, etc)
• How the relationship progressed and became stronger/closer
• Details of shared financial and other responsibilities.
• Details of how you organise your household finances.
• Details of family and social events with friends and relatives
• Details of holidays taken together or weekends away, etc.
• Details of how one partner is supportive of the other partner’s lifestyle choices, social activities, sporting and recreational activities, friends and family.
• Details of how you intend to live together.
• Details of your commitment to each other.

Does that mean we would need to attach a written statement separate than the stat dec forms?

Thanks again for the clarification