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Hi Sonkos,

I felt relieved to read your post Mainly because I don't know how to write a cover letter for my 820 application! Hahaha..

It's great to know that at least 1 person didn't put in a cover letter and still received approval! I will go spend my time on other matters now, like shortening my chat history log from 100 pages to something less..

Originally Posted by Sonkos View Post
Just thought I would let you know what I did.
Got approved within 2 weeks so it must have been okay :-)

I didnt have any cover letter and used only one paperclip to attach the passport photos to the checklist.
Then I made a table of contents folowed by all the forms and evidence. I put them into sectons and put each section in one paper which is folded in half. On this I wrote the title eg. "Social context of the relationship"
I put everything on a pile and put a string around it. I stuck pink sticky note on top saying "decision ready application". Obviously everything, every form and police certificate and what not was provided.
I provided NATI translations for official documents but only my own transaltions for unofficial things (eg postcards from home, in german)

At the time I applied for the 820 onshore we were in a de facto relationship for 12,5 or 13 months.

If anyone is interested I could post a picture or my table of contents or answere other questions. Dont whether to do that here or in an own thread.