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Originally Posted by Mish View Post
Yes but that was at a different time. Embassies can get busier which means processing times take longer or less busier which means you get it faster.

For example. The embassy we applied at for a PMV it took us 9.5 months and someone that applied 1 year later got theirs in 7.5 months because the embassy is not as busy as what it was a year ago.

So maybe India is alot more busier now.

Why were you rejected before?
I got my student visa cancel in nov 2012. So i went to MRT. I lost mrt and then i appealed in judicial rewiew. And i applied my file at sydney on shore. But they return my file as a invalid file. So we left australia in mid feb 2014 and I applied off shore..

In the decision they said this relationship is non genuine and made it only for applicant to return in australia.
I submitted everything with my application but they overlooked all evidence and refused my application.
We r in genuine relation since feb 2012. We have huge amount of evidences.