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Well keep spreading the good word, be better with links though.

But what more can we expect of a government led by a politician who has only ever been a bureaucrat in life.

I didn't vote for him as he is as slimey as they come, even more so than Keating and more conniving and how the media allow themselves to be so manipulated, I'm buggered if I know, but there's a lot of lefties amongst the media who would rather play ignorant than paint a true picture that would have Krudd out on his ear next election.

And if you want examples of cunningness, getting the womens vote.
. Maxine McKugh up against Howard.
. GG a woman.
. Now they're about to put former head of the AMA, another woman up against Turnbull.
And pandering to them every chance he can get.

And then his so called stimulus to the economy - spend, spend like you've never spent before whether it's warranted or not just so he can attempt staying in another term rather than have economic truth hitting home now and a whoppa of an interest bill that'll be a lead weight hanging on budgets and people for years and years.

I hope we get to see some truth and responsible media reports before too long.