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Originally Posted by floridaguy View Post
I have been viewing this site for about 6 months now, and I just come here for information in getting ready for me and my partner to . Ive read MANY of kittykats threads, and i find her to be a HUGE help to this forum, Thank you for that but to make her a moderator is taking away from this forums credability. I don't see how really it affects the credibility having more people to get rid of spam posts
1. A moderator should be someone who has been through the visa process. I have been, other than the actual grant of my visa there is nothing else I can now do but wait.
2.A moderator should know the laws in and out I try and justify most of my comments with references to the immigration web site or fact sheets etc. Or I ask people like Mark Northam who do know the exact laws and I have spent a little time on this site itself lol or I state that it is In My Humble Opinion IMHO
3.A moderator is a position for maybe a Mark Northam,someone with credentials, not someone going through the visa process. I would think Mark Northam would make a good mod and would be happy to have him as part of the mod squad, that decision is not mine to make

today I lost all my respect for this site, this is my first and last post. Well that is your loss
Think you must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning or taking your frustrations about the immigration process out on the site and myself, I didn't ask to be made a mod, I was asked if I would consider doing it. It is not like it pays anything after all, I could understand your frustration if I was made the minister of Australian immigration or something, not that I could do a worse job of that



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