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Facing visa 309 Rejection

Hello all,

Today, I received a call from my case officer for the first time after she emailed me last week. I was expecting good news and thinking "woohoo I am either going to get my partner visa approved 5 months from when I lodged it or I am missing maybe just one more document and then I'm set..."

Turns out it is not the best of news. She told me that based on all of my stat decs, pictures, timeline, receipts from restaurants, shared vacations, and other evidence, she believes that my boyfriend and I are in a genuine relationship.

However, what we lacked, she said, was evidence supporting the NATURE of our relationship. Evidence such as a joint lease, me being 100 percent beneficiary on my boyfriend's superannuation, and having our relationship registered in Victoria.

How the heck am I supposed to register our relationship in Victoria if I am, according to, supposed to be an ordinary resident of Victoria, but cannot because I am not legally allowed to live there (hence, me applying for the partner visa so I CAN live with my partner in Victoria!!!!!).

My boyfriend was able to add me as 100 percent beneficiary to his superannuation and we are waiting for his real estate agent to add me to his lease. Additionally, we do have a joint bank account.

The case officer suggested that I ask my boyfriend what "he thinks being in a de facto relationship means." I am not sure what she was implying with that suggestion, maybe I am reading too much into that....but I digress.

Can anyone suggest anymore pieces of evidence that would make our case stronger? Perhaps specific documents that both our names should be on? Has anyone overseas applied to register their relationship in Victoria (or any other state) while outside of Australia?

This is so stressful as I have 28 days to come up with this or at least progress

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