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Hi Again

I haven't been here for a while but I thought I would reintroduce myself and my story. I met my wife in China through an online site and she was from Nanning. We married in 2010 and she came to Australia in October of that year. She got her PR Visa in September last year and after 3 years of life together, just 2 weeks ago, she walked out and is gone. I feel she may have been one of those people who just comes here to get their PR because in our marriage there was no severe issues like abuse or infedility or anything, her reason for leaving was over money (and there was no counselling, warning or negotiations) and family issues but I have found prior evidence that she planned this from long ago. I'm hoping it's not true and that something genuine was there and that the last 3 years was not a big lie, but it doesn't look good. What can be done in this situation? Does she get away scot free?