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Country of Residence on a e-Visitor and 309?

Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience with what to put down for "Country of Residence" on an e-Visitor application form?

Specifically, my partner and I are waiting for a 309 Partner Visa to come through, and we are currently both residing in Australia. We both pay rent here and live here together, and have done so together for close to 10 months. Before that, my partner lived in Australia for close to four years on her own (on a student visa).

The current situation has occurred because my partner's current 485 visa application was rejected, so she will need to leave the country by mid-March.

We want to go on a holiday to NZ for 5 days in March, and the plan is to apply for an e-Visitor in NZ so that we can stay together for another three months in Aus.

But the thing that is tripping us up is the question for "Country of Residence"...

- Should we put in my partner's home country of Ireland (which she hasn't actually lived in for 5 years, only returning briefly for holidays to see her parents).
- Should we put in the address in Australia where we both currently and plan to reside? (for the next three months at least, if the tourist visa comes through).

It seems odd that she would be applying for a visitor's visa if she already "resides" here, although it seems equally odd to put in her country of origin, (where she would be forced to live if the visa is rejected). I guess technically, when her current bridging visa expires, she would be forced to put in her parent's Irish address, as that is where she would ultimately be forced to return.

Any ideas?

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