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Originally Posted by Rana Rana View Post
Hello everyone
My application of subclass 858 was refused on a very unfair and unjust reason.
Refusal Reason : "In addition to evidence provided, a search was undertaken on the internet, however, the results of the search did not present any information of material relevance to support the applicant’s claims of internationally recognised achievements. Therefore I have not considered my search or results further"

In same refusal reason department section says

"The internet is an important source of additional material and a method of confirming the accuracy of any claims made. Any adverse or conflicting information obtained from this source should be put to the applicant for comment."

My case was merely refused on Internet source without asking my comment and immigration law itself contrast the refusal reason. Please advice what would be my standing if I go for MRT when all my matrial evidence are perfect and doses meet the subclass according to refusal.
A mere internet search is not enough. However, if it was a search to confirm if you were a member of a given organisation you may have indicated on your application, and that wasn't verified, then they have a point.

You can argue that many third world countries, achievements are usually not on the Internet, they could be in newspapers or local bulletins, as technology is not that advanced. Furthermore, you can argue that the search may not have come up as it was in your native text, not in English.

Maybe their search was not thorough enough and you may not come up on the first few pages of a google search. You try and search yourself and see what you get. If you get something, screenshot it and make an appeal.
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