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Originally Posted by SKFD View Post
I booked mine really early simply to ensure I got the date and time I wanted, so can't comment on availablility closer to the day. I was given a date of Feb 29th as the earliest to do mine (pretty funny as there isn't a Feb 29th this year) and wanted to do it asap so booked 2nd March. We saw it as something of a milestone that we could count down to. It broke up the 10-14 months wait which frankly feels like a lifetime.

I went to Spire Little Aston in Birmingham and saw a chap Dr Khan he was pretty cool and liked to have a chat which was nice. That was the closest approved centre to me and my experience there was positive. It's also nothing to stress over, I couldn't find anything that really told me what to expect on the day mine went as per below.

My day went as follows:

Arrive and fill a couple of bits of paper work
See nurse for the HIV blood test, urine test, height, weight, eye sight exam and blood pressure.
See Dr for once over, reflexes, eyes, ears, mouth etc and a general exam nothing painful.
Chest X Ray
Pay and go home.

Good luck with yours hope they go well.
That really interesting actually, I've been a bit worried what to expect even know I'm hoping that it should be a formality.... I'm in London so I'm expecting to be treated with minimum curtesy and treat like a cash cow! It's the London way ;o)

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