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Please help. Reg. Pmv

Long story short my fiancÚ and I applied for the PMV in September 2012. We have received contact from our case officer recently as she requires additional documentation. My fiancÚ and i were in the process of obtaining the documents and we were going to get married and then change the PMV to a Partner Visa. Unfortunately my fiancÚ and I have gone through a complication between our relationship. We are not having a breakdown or terminating the relationship we just basically need more time.

I don't know what to do because I don't know how much time we need and obviously the embassy or my case officer is not going to wait forever for us to finalise our documentation. I'm concerned about withdrawing my application because I know for a fact we are going to get married, I'm just not exactly sure when know. We have some personal issues that we want to resolve because we want to make sure that we do get to have that perfect life together that we dream of. For this reason I don't know if this is resolved in a month or a year or longer. I got no idea and I don't know what to do or if its possible to put my visa application on hold or something.

Please help me make a decision that isn't going to hinder the chance of me being with my fiancÚ.