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Oh my you are in a pickle aren't you, firstly you say you will get married so why not apply for the visa, it will take months for a decision to come through which gives you allot of time, plus after your visa is granted if your still together ( hopefully as its not a definite) you will have to travel to Australia and marry within 9 months, which gives you more time to decide, lets say all in all you have another 15 months, I think by then you would know, if it doesn't work out then that's the chance you took if it does then you marry and live happily ever after. Sorry if this seems a little short shotted but you either have to say no we don't apply, waste all the money and in a few months say I wish I had applied or take the chance and hopefully you and your partner will work things out.

Good luck
i wish to see the smiles of loved ones reunited after months of waiting, god bless you all