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Originally Posted by CollegeGirl

Louise, that advice was great.

Lipsmacking, I really wouldn't worry too much about being denied if you can provide everything your CO is asking for. Is there a reason you're worried?

I'd comment on the rest of your questions, but I simply don't know the answers on these. I'm pretty sure you can reapply for the same visa, and I haven't heard about any kind of waiting to do that, but I'm not sure how just having had that visa refused would affect your case.
I'm worried because I guess in my mind you can never have too much evidence or too much information. When I have seen other people and what they send in their application I double question myself as to whether or not I sent in enough evidence. Then I hear that you can also send in too much documents. As everyone else I hate waiting. We were previously denied on a tourist visa (I know it's two completely different visas) due to insufficient funds. For this reason we would be heart broken if we were denied on this visa.