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Originally Posted by Editor View Post
Crate training - I never even thought of that

My personal opinion is that there is probably more chance that your pet will be heart broken if left behind and suffer more than they would during the transfer process. I could not be without my dog
That was my decision. It might take her a while to forgive me for putting her through that, but she'd never forgive me (and I'd never get over it) if I left her behind. She was a rescue 4 years ago (I got her at 3 months old), and they were a day from putting her down when I got her, though I didn't know this at first. When I asked to hold her, they told me she wouldn't let anyone hold her. They tried to give her to the other people in my group, and she was having none of it... pushing them away. But when they handed her to me, that little stinker curled up in my arms, turned over so I could rub her belly and started purring. There was no way she wasn't coming home with me.

When I had paid for her and was turning to walk out the door with her, the girl told me "You know... because she wouldn't let anyone hold her, we thought her chances of getting adopted were poor, and we were going to put her down tomorrow. The shelter is just way over capacity right now."

She still won't let anyone else hold her, or rub her belly, except me. There's no way in the world this cat isn't coming with me.
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