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I've been here for almost 5 years now and it's only really been in the last year and half that it's really started to feel like 'home'. After my first WHV I very nearly gave up and went back to Europe. It's very difficult moving so far away from family and friends when you have someone waiting for you at the other end. I came out here on my own just because I needed to find myself again. Cheesy as that sounds. I don't think it ever gets easier being away from family. I only see my brother once every 2 years or so,thankfully my parents are in a financial position to visit once a year and thanks to technology and Skype we see each other every week. The issue once you have 'settled' is that the nature of temporary visa's means that you always have that expiration date hanging over your head. Hence why I am now taking the first steps towards PR and being able to properly start the rest of my life with my love here in Australia.