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Originally Posted by MarkNortham View Post
Hi Naren -

Not possible for me to give you case-specific advice without seeing your documents. Generally speaking, if a skilled visa, then payslips or other pay info proving payment for all periods you are claiming for points is necessary. Re: state, no particular issue that I know of with selecting NSW or another state. No idea on the phone number field - normally works OK if you only enter numbers - try deleting the entire field contents and then re-entering number by number.

Hope this helps -


Mark Northam
Hi Mark,

Thanks a ton.. Sorry about the questions being so rudimentary... I am halfway through filling the applications in the "Immi account" and I am stuck with the following queries. Could you please be kind enough to clarify on these?

1. For the Question
"Does any other person have custodial, access or guardianship rights to this child?"

I am applying for my 3 year old son, my wife and myself. My wife and I are still married and legally speaking, I am the only one who has custodial rights to my son. In this case, is it really necessary to enter my wife's name as the guardian? Please clarify.

2. For entering my wife's past employment details, do I need to upload reference letters from her previous employer as well? I am not claiming points based on her qualifications and experience and English language ability. I am claiming points based on only my qualifications and experience.

3. For the question :
"Has the applicant been employed overseas in their nominated occupation or a closely related occupation at a skilled level immediately before lodging this application?"

I was in Sydney for a period of 42 days on the subclass 400 visa during December 2014. I came back to India in January. I was not on the payrolls of any Australian company during this period, but this was a short-term assignment which I had to do. In this case, should I mention for this question as 'Yes'. Is this considered "Immediately Before Lodging the application". If I mention this, is there any other additional documents that I'll have to upload?

4. The end date for my current employment in the employment history is a mandatory field. I take it I'll have to enter the date on which I am submitting the application? Please let me know if this assumption is incorrect.

5. For Uploading the supporting documents, I am not able to find any option while entering my qualifications and employment history to do so. Is it like, I'll have to submit this application and wait for another correspondence to upload all my supporting documents? Please let me know if I am missing something here

6. For the Visa Processing fees, will I be asked to pay the entire fees upfront while submitting this "Immi" account application? or is it to be paid in part at various stages of processing? Could you please elaborate on how this works? Is there any other payment options available than using a credit card (Bank Transfer Etc.).

7. For the question :
"Does the applicant have any dependent family members not travelling to Australia who are not Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents?"
I do not have any dependents except my wife and my son. However, what I fail to see here is the reason why the Immigration Department wants to know these details? Does this have any bearing on the application.