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The banks are interested in yr employment history. With me I had to wait 8 months b4 I found a lender who would get me the mortgage. I would select an area that I intend to buy in, rent for a while n c how it goes. Good luck![/QUOTE]

Hi - the thing that most people fail to grasp is that it is actually better for most people to get an investment property BEFORE they arrive in Australia. This goes against the grain for a lot of folks until they understand the all the reasons and how it works - but you can

1. Establish a credit rating before you arrive
2. Get a lump sum of cash from the Aussie tax man after you arrive
3. Pay less tax each year thereafter
4. Have a wealth creating asset
5. Leverage the investment property to get you own home

It amazes me how many people fail to find out how thy can do this before they arrive in Oz - don't rush out and buy anything though - find a company that can assist in choosing the right property in the right areas for the right reasons.

I can put you in touch with a group that does just this if your interested