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Shazia 06-15-2018 09:32 PM


Originally Posted by ForumAdmin (Post 1890587)
Your post should be showing now. This isn't an issue with the site. The software on the site scans the first few posts made by new users and if it thinks they're spam, it'll hold them to be approved by a mod/admin. Your first post was quite long so this is most likely the reason for it being held.


Thank you, Niall.

Shazia 06-15-2018 09:33 PM

Thank you.

keeala55 12-20-2018 11:10 PM

Hi Admin,
I also tried to create a new post yesterday but it still hasn't shown up on the forum. Do you know why it's happening?

ForumAdmin 12-21-2018 05:21 PM

Hi there,

It seems like it's showing up now?


keeala55 12-22-2018 12:43 AM

Yeah I can see it now. All good, thanks Ed!

keeala55 12-23-2018 12:15 AM

Hi Ed, why do I keep having to get approval for my long posts? I can post short posts fine, but my long ones take over a day to get approved... thanks for your help

ForumAdmin 12-24-2018 03:50 PM

I think it could be because you have quoted another post which contained a link in the last moderated post. As a new member the link in the quoted text could cause the post to go into moderation. I approved your recently moderated post.

Kkk? 12-24-2018 04:09 PM

Hi forum admin

I applied my partner 309/100 viza in August 2017 I did my medical also now 16 months completed Nd 17 month is going what should I do because immigration doesn’t give any response .anyone passes the same situation?or how much time should I wait . Me and my husband are so frustrated 😥
Thanks friends

ForumAdmin 12-24-2018 08:03 PM

Hi there, this section is only for forum related tech issues. We're not able to help you with immigration situations. Please start a new thread in the right section.


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