Shipping Stuff vs Buying New

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Shipping Stuff vs Buying New

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Old 04-13-2011, 08:48 PM
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Shipping Stuff vs Buying New

If we move to Aus at the end of the year, we can't decide whether to ship a container full of our stuff over from the UK, or save the money and buy new... do you think it will be cheaper to ship or buy new??
Any suggestions welcome.

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Old 04-14-2011, 08:18 AM
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I'm having the same dilemma at the moment. I'm getting ready to move back to Oz after 9 years away.

It's fair to say as a girl, I’ve accumulated a fair bit of stuff in that time and i'm trying to decide what to do with it all.

Personally I think it depends what sort of belongings you're talking about and also what sort of a person you are. For me I have a great attachment to a lot of the things I’ve accumulated in that space of time and the thought of getting rid of it just to replace it back in Oz is a difficult one (doesn't help that I was raised in a family where we were encouraged not to waste things!).

As i said i haven't lived in Australia for a number of years now but I have been home 6 times in the last 9 years and what has become very obvious to me is the cost of clothes and day to day household things seems to have got very high (that's just my opinion, others may feel differently).

A few friends got married recently in Australia and as i wasn't able to make it back for the weddings, so i decided to splash out and be generous with the wedding gifts. The online bridal registry was an eye-opener to the cost of a lot of typical household wedding gifts and I think comparative items in the UK would've been much better value for money in my opinion(relative to my wages). And of course if you're talking about things like electrical appliances, you'll have to factor in having adaptor for all the appliances.

And then there's the shipping. I might be making an assumption based on your log in name, but I’m guessing you're based in the UK? There are loads of companies based in the UK and you can get some very competitive prices as there is so many companies. The greater the volume of goods you send the cheaper it becomes (as in if you have 5 shipping cartons it might be £60 per box but if you have 10 it might come down to £40 per box and so on, but don't quote me on those prices). But the shipping itself doesn't seem to make up the majority of the cost, it's the insurance of the goods. And you have 2 choices generally, similar I guess, to having third party or comprehensive car insurance, that there's a basic insurance or a comprehensive insurance. The insurance is based on the value of your goods and most companies will charge about 5% of the estimated value of your belongings for the 'comprehensive' version. I guess there's the option of undervaluing your goods to make the insurance cheaper and then just 'cutting your loses' if something does happen. A friend recently left Ireland for Australia and made a good point, she said to me, 'I’ve packed all my work suits and my six year old gym gear but the reality is if it gets lost or damaged on the way there, it's not that big of a deal' and as such she didn't include the value of some of these items in her insurance estimations, which to me makes sense, i guess the crux of it is insure the things that, without fail you would want to be able to replace and not stuff that you would be happy to have with you at home but wouldn't miss if it didn't make it.

If you have access to the TNT magazine they have a number of companies that advertise their costs in there every week. The important thing to check out with the companies is that they are 'bonded'. I'm not sure exactly what all the ins and outs of this is but gives you a higher level of protection if the company happened to go broke while your goods are in transit amongst other things i think. Also i've heard of a few friends leaving Ireland recently and the shipping companies there did all the packing for them as part of the package. I haven't heard of that in the UK (god knows it would be a great thing, my boyfriend and I started packing our things into shipping boxes this time last year and it's one of those experiences that is always going to highlight the differences in personalities...)but it would be great if that was part of the package. Also it probably depends if your plans to go to Australia are long term, as in, are you planning to go indefinitely or just for a year or 2? And when you get there, will you have enough cash to set yourself up with all the things you'll need or would it work better to factor in the cost of the shipping before you leave and have your stuff when you get there (bearing in mind that it usually takes about 12 weeks to ship there and assuming there is nothing that needs to be quarantined you cane usually collect it as soon as it arrives).

And on that note, I’ve motivated myself to start filling in my shipping inventory for the boxes I’ve already packed...

Good Luck and don't hesitate to drop me a line if you want to chat about this more...!!

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Old 04-14-2011, 09:23 AM
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Thanks for your message. I think you're right, the cost of buying all new stuff will be a fortune... that's one thing about the UK - there is so much choice, that you can either do things on a budget ie. Ikea, or splash our ie. John Lewis - there is so much choice that the prices are so competitive... I think we will end up getting a container for everything ie. 4 bed house - and just ship the whole lot over... my parents are planning on heading out first, and will get set up, so that if we go out and our stuff isn't there, we can just stay with them until it arrives and by then we'll have our own place etc.
Where are you heading to in Aus? We are thinking the sunshine coast.

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Old 04-14-2011, 11:14 AM
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Nore than happy to help with any info or insights on the whole shipping thing.

We're not sure as yet where we will head to. I'm originally from country Victoria and ideally would like to go back to Victoria, probably Melbourne initailly but not set on the idea and we'll probably take it as it comes and let work opportunities be the deciding factor initially. My boyfriend is the engineering/construction industry and so we'll likely end up where he gets a good job offer i think.

That's handy that you would be able to stay with your parents for a while when you head over. The shipping is a bit of an extra cost but I think in the grand scheme of what you would otherwise be spending to replace things in Oz probably money well spent. My friend who i mentioned who left Dublin paid only a little over €1000 for her shipping from memory and that was for her and her husband and 5+ years worth of things and included them doing the packing for her. Definitely money well spent in my book. That way when you arrive and start working, etc, you can spend your money on things other than kitting out a house and having to get new work outfits, etc.

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Old 04-14-2011, 11:21 AM
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I think you're right... I think the cost of buying stuff over here will be a lot cheaper and if we can arrive with virtually a house full of stuff, then we won't have to fork out for anything other than a second hand car - which I hear are really expensive over there! We did look into bringing our X3 BMW over with us as they are a lot cheaper here than there, but the cost of shipping seemed like it would be a fortune... so I think we'll just allocated $10k and buy one there! Hubby wants to take his motorbike, but I've put my foot down and said no lol!!!

Do you know anything about the Sunshine Coast at all? We are moving there blind, but hey, i'm a kiwi, so i'm bound to love it right?

Where are you living at the moment?

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Old 04-14-2011, 11:58 AM
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Oh, yeah shipping cars is another thing altogether, we looked at shipping ours (a VW Golf) but just couldn't fathom the cost of all the taxes. Our car is registered in Ireland and we've tried to sell it but have had difficulty (not least of which is living in the UK, trying to sell a car in Ireland, but never mind). We looked into shipping it and decided that if the money we would loose on selling was more than the cost of the shipping we would do it. The shipping itself wasn't outrageous (£1400 was what we were quoted), but they have all these other conditions, like you have to have owned the car for a minimum of 12 months before you can import it to oz, plus it has to have been used during that 12 months (not sure why you'd buy a car and not use it but anyway), also you have to own it outright so there can be no finance owning on it. Then the UK charge an export tax of (i think) 5% of the value of the vehicle and then once it gets to Oz, you have to pay a further 10% import duty, but not on the value of the car when it arrives but the value of what it was worth when purchased...we bought our car 4 years ago and be buggered if the oz government think i'm going to pay them 10% of the value of a car that i bought 4 years ago...anyway, it got far too complicated and we decided against it. We thought i may have been worthwhile if we'd been able to fill the car full of things we wanted to send home but they wouldn't even allow that!!! So it was definite no for us on that one! I'm not sure what the used car market is like in Oz. I never owne a car while i was there. I think you can get some real old bangers for next to nothing but if you want a used car that's only a couple of years old, then they are definitely a lot more than over here. We have been looking at what the cost of a similar car to our here would be at home and all things considered it was much the same, factoring in the exchange rates, etc. But yes it is a major expense i guess.

As for the Sunshine Coast, i know very little about it, and i've never been there. Do you have somewhere in particular in mind? I think the weather is pretty good most of the year and it's a pretty picturesque place. Personally i'd prefer the Sunshine coast over the Gold Coast as the Gold Coast is very built up and commercial. I think it's proably a nice relaxed area to live. I'm sure you'd love it! What part of NZ are you from? My partner and I are going over for a month for the rugby later this year. I'm living in London at the moment, how about you?

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Old 04-14-2011, 04:15 PM
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I think you're totally right... we brought a car with the idea to bring it over, and we would have done, but it got nicked... so that put paid to that idea... and when we looked into it further recently, we decided it would be too expensive. No way we'd be able to buy a car as nice as the one we had over there, apparently they are v. expensive, but hey, a nice car isn't everything right?

We are thinking of Maroochydore maybe... we need somewhere to live that will be good for work as we are still relatively young lol... I have a NZ passport but hubby and bubs have UK passports, but they can get in on a special visa through me which is great, and very inexpensive... not sure about medical stuff though, as hubby is diabetic, but as we are moving with my folks and they are so good about stuff like that, i'm sure we'll find it all out.

I am from Wgtn - is that where the rugby is held? My brother usually volunteers to work those days at the stadium so he gets to watch it for free - good idea huh! We live just outside London in Essex! How about you - where in London?

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Old 05-19-2011, 10:48 AM
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Hi there,

So you are moving to Australia. Well it's good thing that people want to move to Australia. About the question you ask.

According to me you should bring your container via shipping. There are number of removal companies in Australia Who help you move to Australia at a unbelievable low price and also you are bringing only your container so i don't think you will be charged too much.

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Old 09-28-2011, 11:50 AM
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Shipping nightmare-Doree Bonner

Hi there

We moved to Melbourne from the UK beginning of August 2011. We decided to ship our belongings to Melbourne, however, as we were unable to fill an entire container we had to agree to a part-load service, meaning our furniture will be shipped once the shipping company can fill the whole container. We have been told, that Melbourne is a prime destination and it should therefore take 10 but no longer than 14 weeks for our belongings to arrive at the designated address in Melbourne. It has now been 8 weeks and 1 day and guess what, our furniture is still sitting in a warehouse in the UK. It is very hard to communicate with the shipping agent and we only receive vague responses and still have not an agreed shipping date. We are now looking at 18 plus weeks and have started to re-buy essential items. So all in all a very expensive and even more stressful exercise.

The company we used is Doree Bonner International - should you still decide to ship your belongings be careful in choosing your moving agent as you pay for the services in full upfront. We unfortunately have made a huge mistake.

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Old 09-29-2011, 07:16 AM
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I think this kind of decision really depends on the individual situation.

For instance "age" is a big influence; if you're at whatever age that you have already spent a lot of money and time gathering furniture and things you really love, that definitely makes the decision lean towards shipping it.

As for me, I'm just gonna explain my situation as an example - I realize I'm in a very different position but still it might help.

I'm 24 and so I am fresh out of college - meaning that most of my furniture was second hand and there's not a lot of it. I only had a small room to live in and not a lot of money. Therefore I am not that attached to most of my furniture. I bought my couch off someone for $30. I'm not gonna ship that obviously, no matter how comfy it is. That would just be a total waste. I didn't pick it on appearance, save up for it or invest a lot of time and money in it; it was cheap, "it'll do", I got it, now it's going to someone else for free. The few things I am attached to are going to storage at my parents'.

I am lucky enough to be moving to Australia for an Australian partner, and therefore we are merging lives and he already has his stuff over there so that limits the necessity of my stuff.

And I have to say it has been a sweet relief to slowly start letting go of my current material things. It makes you realize how little you truly need and it makes you realize you can't carry your material past with you forever. Because when you have to start leaving things behind and getting rid of what you don't need, you start to realize how little you truly need and how little all that stuff in your home truly defines you. Half the books in my bookcase have been resold on a website and not only has it gotten me money for my ticket, it's also made me realize that stuff can be replaced and isn't necessary. I can always buy it again but I don't need it. It makes you feel lighter.

All I am taking is pictures, my old favorite stuffed animal, my cat (eventually), some jewelry and a few clothes (only the ones I still actually like and that still truly fit me). It feels good to start afresh.

But that is just my situation and my take on it. I can understand that people who did invest a lot in their things, would rather take them with them, especially if they have no furniture or partner waiting for them in Australia, that will make it feel more like home on arrival. Just consider how much you truly need and love out of all the stuff.

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