Australia Advocates Solar Energy to Battle Climate Change

by Bob Sheth on June 2, 2010

in Australia

Australia has always been in the forefront of battling climate change.

The Government has set up steps to curb the effects of global environmental problems with practical measures that could help mitigate the negative impact of climate change on the country.

It is important that Australia reduces its carbon pollution to minimize the severity of climate change, according to a report issued by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

The Department also warned that, because greenhouse gases stay in the atmosphere 100 years after they were first emitted, there would be some changes that cannot be avoided due to past compounded by the inevitable future global emissions.

Meanwhile, as part of their effort, various projects are being undertaken in the different parts of Australia.

In Perth, some 200 solar panels were installed across the roof of a major Perth art studio. The goal is that these panels would reduce about 94 tons of carbon dioxide a year that is emitted into the city’s atmosphere.

Minister for Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Water, Senator Penny Wong, said the 60-kilowatt installation at Midland Atelier would generate electricity equivalent to the power needs of more than 15 homes.

The project is one of the seven Solar Cities projects that were funded by the Federal Government under the initiative of Perth Solar City.  The $ 94 million project encourages business industry, residents and the community as a whole to work together for a better energy use and conservation program. Residents of the creative precinct will use the 201 solar panels to run lighting and equipment.

Senator Wong said, “This Perth community is playing its part in reducing Australia’s emissions.’’ She added that with the solar panels, Midland Atelier will generate enough electricity to run the lighting and equipment needed by the resident artisans.

“This is an example of the clean renewable energy sources we want to promote under our target of having 20 per cent of Australia’s electricity supply to be sourced from renewable sources by the year 2020,’’Wong said.

The Midland Atelier Solar installation is a $500,000 project jointly funded by the Federal Government and the Western Australian State Government.

In addition to the Midland Atelier Solar Installation, Australia has seven other Solar Cities projects that have been completed with more than 2700 kilowatts of photovoltaic solar panels installed throughout the country.

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