Australia’s population set to increase by 6.2 million by 2030

by Ray Clancy on March 30, 2012

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Annual population growth rate remains steady, figures show

Australia’s annual population growth rate remained steady at 1.4% for the year ending 30 September 2011, according to latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).This was the fourth consecutive quarter that the annual population growth rate was 1.4%.

Western Australia continues to have the fastest growing population in the country, increasing by 2.6% in the year to 30 September 2011. This was followed by the Australian Capital Territory at 1.9%, Queensland at 1.7%, Victoria at 1.5%, New South Wales at 1.1%, South Australia at 0.8% and Tasmania and the Northern Territory both at 0.5%.

Over the same period, Australia’s population increased by 319,600 people to 22.7 million people. Net overseas migration accounted for 54% of the growth for the year ending September 2011, with the remaining 46% due to natural increase, births minus deaths.

Net overseas migration continued to decline to the end of September 2011, but only slightly. The preliminary net overseas migration estimate for the year ending September 2011 at 172,500 people was 2%, or 3,500, lower than that for September 2010 when it was 176,000 people.

By 2030, Australia’s population will have expanded by another 6.2 million people but experts are warning that there will not be enough homes for everyone. The increase means that an extra 2.7 million homes, 125,000 retirement facilities and 24,000 more hospital beds will be needed, according to a report from the Property Council of Australia.

Chief executive Peter Verwer said that federal, state and local governments need to commit to a New Deal for Australia’s cities and they should look to Asian neighbours for more effective ways of planning cities.

Meanwhile, a survey of 5231 city dwellers conducted for the council shows Australians are in favour of more federal funding for city infrastructure.

Four out of five respondents want the federal government to take a more interventionist role in making cities more productive and liveable, according to the My City: The People’s Verdict survey.

‘People don’t want their federal government to be bystanders in cities policy, they want targeted action. The federal government has made some encouraging steps on cities over recent years. These poll results show there is overwhelming support to do much more,’ Verwer said.

The Property Council has launched its Make My City Work campaign to engage the community on the future growth of cities and mobilise support for more political action.

‘Australians are passionate about their cities and exhibit a canny sense about what is right and wrong about them. This campaign is about asking people for their views and giving them a voice our political leaders can hear,’ he added.

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