Australia’s remote areas hold opportunity for experienced health professionals

by Ray Clancy on February 14, 2014

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Experienced health professionals willing to work in more remote parts of Australia are virtually guaranteed a job due to shortages of skilled staff, according to a new report.

With many job seekers preferring to work in the big cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, other parts of the country are left with a lack of candidates to fill positions.


Health professionals including registered nurses, midwives and physiotherapists are in demand in Northern Territory, Victoria and Tasmania

Registered nurses and midwives, cardiac sonographers, occupational therapists and physiotherapists are all in demand in areas such as the Northern Territory, Victoria and Tasmania, according to the latest jobs hotspots report from recruitment firm Hays.

‘Health care in the Northern Territory is definitely job rich and candidate poor. Once an experienced candidate is found, they can be easily placed,’ the report says.

Hays Healthcare regional director Alex Jones said the Northern Territory is always in need of health care professionals with experience. ‘Our experience has shown that it is difficult for candidates to be considered for remote work without having the experience,’ he added.

Darwin Private Hospital has a high demand for experienced registered nurses with medical/surgical experience while there are numerous positions for occupational therapists and physiotherapists in the Northern Territory.

‘These skills are in short supply in the Northern Territory, especially for remote roles. The state attracts a lot of graduates who know there is a skill shortage but there are not many highly experienced candidates, predominantly due to the location,’ explained Jones.

The report also points out that cardiac sonographers rarely move between organisations and are hard to come by, particularly in the Northern Territory.

However, living and working in Australia’s more remote locations can take getting used to. According to Jones there are benefits such as higher salaries and housing provided, but other facilities normally found in major cities can be lacking.

Other skills expected to be in demand this year include specialist nurses, registered nurses and enrolled nurses in aged care, and dialysis nurses. In Victoria, there is a continued need for physiotherapists and occupational therapists in metropolitan private practices. And Tasmania is in need of midwives, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

The report, which is based on recent trends from employers, also outlines a continued demand for mental health professionals, including support facilitators, mental health clinicians and intake officers, as part of the Partners in Recovery programme.

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cheryl sheldon October 19, 2014 at 1:44 pm

Good day
i am seeking a position as Enrolled nurse in a Theatre complex if possible.
i have many years of nursing experience,but would prefer a theatre position as an Anaesthetic this is my chosen field.
I also have experience in all sorts of theatre fields eg: Cardiac, Gynaecology,Plastics,Ent,Orthopaedics,General,Vascular etc.
Australia has always been my dream country,therefore my wish is to relocate to offer my nursing experience.
Hoping my brief summary would be useful and considered into.
Kind Regards
Cheryl sheldon.


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