Booming Australian Property Sector Creating Job Opportunities

by Ray Clancy on February 9, 2015

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A number of skills in the construction industry such as plumbing, carpentry and bricklaying are highly valued in Australia and the shortage is set to continue with the building sector currently booming.

It is an area where overseas expertise is often needed and highly skilled tradesmen can obtain visas to work in the country but there is also a shortage of engineers and commercial and admin staff in the sector.

Indeed, the boom experienced in the Australian construction industry in 2014 is expected to continue into 2015, according to the latest Hays Quarterly Report for January to March 2015.


Overseas expertise is often needed and highly skilled tradesmen can obtain visas to work in the country

Approvals for new medium and high-density housing projects in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth in 2014 will create jobs for skilled tradespeople and engineers in the year ahead, according to recruiting experts Hays Construction.

As well as tradesmen, project managers, structures forepersons and commercial contract administrators will be in demand for these projects, the firm says.

According to Adam Shapley, regional director of Hays Construction, the surge in approvals for residential developments in 2014 will lead to greater recruitment activity in the construction sector.

‘The buoyant Queensland market is seeing increased investment in land development for both residential and commercial use. The sector also has the support of the Queensland Government through first home buyer/builder grants as well as easier procedures for development application approvals,’ he pointed out.

Shapley also explained that companies gearing up for more construction activity this year will be appointing new commercial staff and there will also be a slight increase in demand for temporary staff on smaller residential projects beginning early this year.

The construction boom of 2013 saw a significant number of commercial office staff move from Queensland to New South Wales, leaving the region with a shortage of suitable candidates.

Commercial contract administrators are required for legal paperwork, subcontractor management and building materials procurement to ensure projects remain profitable. Larger projects will see an increase in the demand for site staff such as structures and finishes forepersons.

Other roles in demand include project engineers with experience on projects valued over $100 million and residential building supervisors who can work in South-East Queensland and Victoria.

According to Hays Construction, the public sector market continues to be driven by temporary contracts, however, longer contracts are now being offered of six to 12 months in some states.


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Noah February 9, 2015 at 7:22 pm

Home builders are on the rise now. But looking into future, maintenance will be more popular as people stop buying new and wanting to fix what they already have. Especially with economic growth expected to slow or even decline.

Real estate agents are in demand now as people continue to buy and invest, and will continue to be popular when the property bulble bursts as people who can’t payoff the debt have to sell.


leela ghalley February 10, 2015 at 5:16 pm

hello I an leela from Bhutan is looking for job in construction site as a plumber as well brick layer


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