Immigration Minister Announces More Security for Australia’s International Airports

by Ray Clancy on April 24, 2015

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People arriving and leaving Australia face increased security at airports in the coming months as increased security measures are introduced, it has been announced.

The Australian Government said that the roll out of new SmartGates will take place this year and early 2016 to provide stronger security measures at Australia’s international airports.

whythebritisharemovingabroadSome 92 new SmartGates will be installed at the nation’s eight international airports over the next year as part of the Government’s measures to counter terrorism.

SmartGates use facial biometric technology to confirm the identity of a traveller by scanning a passport image and matching that to the person at the airport arrival or departure gate.

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton said that the Government has committed $630 million in additional funding over the next four years to boost counter terrorism measures and the new SmartGates are part of those measures,’ Dutton said.

‘They will allow border protection officers to focus on people who pose a risk at the border, while legitimate, law abiding travellers will be processed with less manual intervention.It will make it a lot easier for people as they come through the airport, a lot quicker and it will mean that the staff can then concentrate on people that they need to concentrate on so for the vast majority of those 35 or 50 million people who will move through our borders it will make it easier for them,’ he explained.

‘Protecting Australia’s borders is a top priority for the Government. Ensuring the security and integrity of our borders is essential for the protection of the Australian community. We must stay ahead of the real and evolving threat of terrorism and extremism. This technology helps identify people arriving or leaving Australia who may pose a threat to our community,’ he added.

He also explained that the new SmartGates will now enable scanning of departing passengers complementing 63 similar gates which have been operating at international arrival terminals.

The roll out of the SmartGates will start next month and be completed at the nation’s airports around the middle of 2016.


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