Progress on South Australia’s Strategic Plan

by Ray Clancy on September 29, 2010

in Australia

The SASP or South Australia’s Strategic Plan was laid out in 2004 setting forth objectives that the area is to achieve for the next ten years. The plan is for an overall blueprint for the development and growth of the region.

The plan has identified six key objectives as follows:

  • Growing Prosperity. This is a key area to foster a dynamic economy beneficial for all citizens and managed in an environmentally sustainable fashion. The objective focuses on increasing investments in the region and be the growth engine for the communities to prosper and grow over the years.
  • Improving Well-Being. This objective identifies the manner in which the achievement of a good quality of life can be done at each stage of a citizen’s life. This focuses on the children’s environment, schooling and availability of options to become viable citizens of the region.
  • Attaining Sustainability. This objective focuses on the environment and how the community utilizes it for its end. The goals are to preserve the natural beauty of the state as well as minimize the impact of development on the environment for the future.
  • Fostering Creativity and Innovation. One of the strengths of South Australia is in its drive for innovation in technology and aesthetics. In instituting programs to further enhance that, the redounding benefit is the prosperity of the state and its citizenry.
  • Building Communities. This area involves the democratic environment in place in the state. By instituting the programs to protect basic human rights as well as provide venues for participation and feedback, the whole state moves forward in progress and development into the next decade.

In the most recent audit conducted by the SASP, there is a lag behind the achievements of the state regarding social welfare especially those of the vulnerable and disadvantaged. In contrast, the other aspects of the plan are being achieved and great progress is being undertaken towards that end.

Thus in accordance with the SASP’s own framework, the audit committee found that the best progress rates for the plan were achieved in both the objectives on Attaining Sustainability and Creativity and Innovation. There was less progress found in the objectives of Building Communities as well as Expanding Opportunity while the Improved Well-Being were met on average.

The auditors said, “the targets under the Building Communities and Expanding Opportunity Objectives were also, on average, the least likely to be achieved – although with an average as rating as still within reach.” New consultations are to be done to revise the objectives in accordance with the audit results.

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