Spain signs work and holiday visa arrangement with Australia

by Ray Clancy on September 5, 2014

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Spain is the latest country to sign a reciprocal work and holiday visa arrangement with Australia aimed at young people from both countries.

The work and holiday visa programme aims to provide a unique opportunity for young people to experience the vibrancy of each other’s culture.


The working holiday agreement is aimed at young people from both countries

‘The arrangement signed at Parliament House means young people from Australia and Spain will have the opportunity to experience short term work and study arrangements in each other’s country,’ said Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Michaelia Cash.

She explained that the agreement will facilitate cultural exchange between the two countries, both in terms of the once-in-a-lifetime experience for the individuals involved, and in terms of the insights they will bring back to their home countries.

The reciprocal work and holiday visa arrangement also fosters top people links between the two countries, bolstering an already close and positive relationship.

The agreement will enable up to 500 young adults from Spain and 500 young adults from Australia to enjoy a holiday in each other’s country, during which they may engage in short term work and study.

‘This agreement is a testament to the constructive relationship between Spain and Australia, to the benefit of young adults seeking a unique cultural experience,’ Cash pointed out.

The work and holiday visa differs from a working holiday visa as it requires applicants to have the support of their government, hold or be studying towards tertiary qualifications, and to speak functional English.

Cash added that over the coming months, both Australia and Spain will work closely together to implement the necessary legal and administrative processes to bring this visa into effect.

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