Trump is latest world leader to praise Australia’s point based visa system

by Ray Clancy on February 26, 2018

in Australia

Australia’s immigration policy may be criticised at home, but it is widely admired around the world with American President Donald Trump the latest world leader to praise the points based visa system.

After meeting with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at the Whitehouse in Washington, Trump praised him for the success of his country’s merit based immigration system, a model he has pushed Congress to replicate in the United States.

Australia and America Flags

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‘I want to thank you for your commitment to immigration reform and your merit-based immigration system. It’s the way to go. And you’ve been very successful with it,’ Trump said.

‘Here, we’re working very hard to do the same. In that sense, we’re going to, hopefully, follow in your footprints, Trump added.

White House officials have repeatedly looked to Australia’s legal immigration system as the ideal model for America, arguing that immigrants should be granted entry to the US based on skill, age, education level, and income.

The Australian system has also been praised by British Foreign Affairs Minister Boris Johnson who believes that the UK can learn a lot from it in terms of modelling its immigration system once the country leaves the European Union in March 2019.

And Czech Foreign Affairs Minister Martin Stropnicky has also highlighted the Australian system at a joint meeting of the Visegrad Four (V4) countries comprising the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Migration is a key issue in Europe, not just with the UK, but with many EU countries unhappy about the high rates of immigration in recent years. Migration must have clear conditions, Stropnicky told the meeting.

He explained that he can see an advantage in the Australian model as it has enabled the country to keep its own territory under control. ‘This can definitely be inspiring. They are deciding on this (immigration) on their own, doing it in a fair and serious manner,’ Stropnicky said.

Europe has been hit by a large number of would be migrants and refugees arriving by boat from the North African coast and from Turkey. The meeting heard that Australia has effectively stopped this kind of people smuggling by stopping any boats heading towards the Australian coast.

People who attempt to enter Australia via a boat are sent back to where they came from and not allowed to settle in the country. Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop also attended the meeting and said; ‘We have put in place very strong border protection laws, and this has meant that in the last three and a half years there has not been a successful people smuggling venture to Australia. It also means that there have been no deaths at sea as a result of the illegal activities of the people smuggling trade’.

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