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by Mark Benson on May 8, 2009

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There are a lot of hurdles that one faces when one seeks to immigrate to Australia. With this as a backdrop, very few actually understand the whole immigration application process and the length of time needed to complete it.

The Internet is replete with information as to the process of application for a visa to Australia. There is much information on the documentary requirements, the period of application and the demand for the applicant’s skill set in the Australian marketplace. For an individual who is applying for a visa to another country, or in this instance to Australia, it is important that you read up on these online vignettes to be fully aware of the travails that lay ahead in your journey to your new home country.

Background to the thread

The shared information online is very helpful as the writers often undergo the process of applying for a visa to Australia first hand. Most often the information thanks the high heavens for the issuance of the visa and the obligatory gratitude to those that have helped in making the opportunites a reality.

This is but the first part of a long arduous process of moving to Australia. After obtaining the visa, the immigrant needs to find gainful employment in the Australian marketplace, finding suitable residence in Australia and finally acclimatizing to the Australian way of life. Before delving into that, there must be a clear discussion as to the documentary requirements in applying for a visa to Australia.

Documentation required

All applicants are required to submit the following documents at the Australian embassy in the applicants home country:

  • Certified copy of birth certificate or other document to provide evidence of age
  • Certified copy of your passport personal particulars/photo (bio-data) page
  • IELTS English test report results
  • Evidence of overseas qualifications
  • Evidence of skills assessment
  • Evidence of specific work experience
  • Evidence of work experience
  • Form 1221 – additional personal particulars information
  • Passport photo
  • Form 160EH – radiologists report on chest x-ray
  • Form 26EH – medical examination for an Australian visa
  • Form 47P – overseas penal clearance certificate
  • Evidence of State/Territory government agency or regional certifying body nomination

Some of the documents to be submitted are specific to the individual applicant. Upon submission, the documents would be reviewed and verified, which may take some time depending upon the veracity of the documents provided.

Looking for work in Australia

Upon issuance of the visa application and the proper stamping of the visa on the passport, you have passed the first step on your life to Australia. The next item on your agenda must be the actual physical exodus to Australia. This involves moving your family and your personal paraphernalia to a place a thousand miles away. Those with skills and experience that is very much in demand in Australia would be able to find employment immediately. As for others, because of the current recession, there is great difficulty in finding employment in the country for foreign immigrants.

One of the key preparations you need to do when you decide on leaving your home country is to be able to acclimatize quickly both in the personal and professional aspects of your life.

Help from Forums

A common thread in many discussion forums is that individuals request for advise and other comments that can prove helpful in obtaining an Australian visa. This is a step in the right direction as it is best to seek the wisdom of those who have been successful in obtaining a visa to the country. The advice provided can avoid possible issues and missteps one may take in obtaining a visa. Many do try to apply for a visa to countries such as Australia but become disheartened with the uphill climb that they lose hope despite investing their time and efforts in applying for the visa.

When an individual applicant reads success stories of individuals who were granted the privilege to move to Australia, the readers and dreamers would see the hope in their application would bear fruit. Do remember that the visa application is the first rung in a long uphill ladder climb before being able to be successful in your new homeland of choice.

The Australian economy

After the euphoria of being granted a visa to Australia, the reality would set in regarding actually living and surviving in the country. The Australian economy has not been spared the drubbing of the worldwide financial crisis resulting in a contraction of the labor market. This contraction limits the opportunities of immigrant workers in finding employment, at least for the short term unlike the past years prior to 2007.

Now it has been observed that many advisories made to immigrants is to wait out until the favorable financial winds start to blow into the Australian economy. This is important as you need to find employment to be able to sustain a standard of living in Australia. Aside from this, you need to be able to adjust to the Australian culture, regulations, traditions and currency. You need to unlearn the way of life of your old home and embrace the life in your new home Australia.


Many discussions would provide a whole plethora of facts regarding visa applications and the documentary requirements. Many provide how to and recommended activities that people can use as nuggets of wisdom for individuals applying for a visa. What you need to look at greater detail are the shared timescales for each step of the process to be given a ballpark figure as to the full time frame your application would take.

The existence of online forums has tremendously helped the dissemination of information regarding this complicated process. This technological innovation has helped many in their thirst for information and reflects the changing provisions of immigration legislation to Australia. It is the proactivity of the members of the forums and other bloggers that help many in focusing their efforts to obtain a visa. Thus it is imperative, if you are looking for information on moving to Australia, is to surf the net to be able to be better prepared and better equipped for the journey ahead.

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