Australia celebrates the Queens Jubilee

by Mark Benson on June 3, 2012

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Australia celebrates the Queens Jubilee

Australians right across the country have today been celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee amid signs that support for the Royal family seems to be growing in Australia. This subject has been a bone of contention for many years with many politicians refusing to endorse the Queen as their head of state while many traditionalists refuse to give up Queen Elizabeth II as their monarch.

The Diamond Jubilee

The Queen was forced to take up her role as leader of the UK at a very early stage, 25 years of age in fact, after her father was tragically killed. At the time of her coronation she vowed to give her life to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth and she has been good to her word. She attends in excess of 400 events each year despite the fact she is now 85 years of age although in all honesty she has suffered very few major health issues over the years.

The main focal point of the Queens Diamond Jubilee was a flotilla of 1000 ships making their way down the Thames to accompany the Royal boat. This is an event which has been many years in the planning and so far so good on this Jubilee weekend with everything seemingly going to plan.

Events in Australia

Tony Abbott was accompanied by a number of leading politicians who today took their place at a specially organised diamond jubilee service at Sydney’s St Andrews Cathedral. There have been few politicians so vocally in favour of the Queen as head of Australia than Mr Abbott therefore it was perhaps apt that he took centre stage today at the cathedral service.

The 800 capacity Cathedral was full to the rafters and they were reports that even the British weather, wind and rain, could not dampen the spirits of those in attendance. This is just one of many events which are now under way across Australia and further emphasise the strengthening relationship between Australia and the United Kingdom. There have been many attempts over the years to cut ties with the UK although in light of the diamond jubilee it seems that support for Queen Elizabeth II is now stronger than it ever has been.

The Australian/UK link

Despite the fact that there is much friction and much banter between the Australian and the UK population the Queen has been one strand of a very strong connection between the two countries. Many members of the Royal family have visited Australia over the years and indeed a number of trade arrangements have also been agreed. There are some events which tend to bring out the more nationalistic tendencies of the Australian and the UK population, such as the Ashes, but in reality this seems to be banter of a very jovial nature.

The strong connection between the two countries goes back many centuries and indeed trading arrangements have certainly assisted recent growth in the Australian economy. Australia is also one of the more popular expat destinations for those from the United Kingdom and when you take into account the economic situation, weather and the lifestyle in Australia it is not difficult to see why this is the case.

UK expats

Expats from the United Kingdom make up a major percentage of the overall expat community living and working in Australia and indeed there are few people in the UK who do not know somebody now living in Australia or contemplating a move. This is a situation which is set to continue for many years to come as more recently the links between the UK and Australia seem to be strengthening after a period of uncertainty and limited success for the federal movement.

There is no doubt that today’s celebrations will bring the Australian domestic population and UK expat community closer together. Events have been planned right across Australia both by UK expats and Australian nationals who see the Queen as their head of state. Indeed there will also be major celebrations across the UK by the Australian expat community who are also very visible and very strong in the UK.

The future of Australia

There are many politicians and economists who believe that Australia should remain part of the British Commonwealth not only so that the Queen can remain head of state but also to secure the various trade opportunities which this brings. More and more we have seen Commonwealth countries in talks with one another to improve trading ties and domestic ties. This has created a strong central group of countries who are more than happy to discuss potential investment and employment opportunities between each other.

It would be foolish to suggest that Australia needs the UK or the British Commonwealth as much as maybe it did in the past but the UK and Commonwealth still have a major part to play in further economic growth. The investment arenas of the two countries are more similar than many would have you believe and indeed the investment principles of the two countries are strongly aligned. Even though China and India have recently become more prominent with regards to economic activity in Australia it would be foolish for the authorities to put all of their eggs in one basket and reduce ties or trading relationships with the UK or the British Commonwealth.


Over the last couple of decades there have been a number of very high-profile attempts to dethrone the Queen as the head of Australia. There was a time when some people believed this was almost inevitable although over the last few years, and indeed in line with today’s Diamond Jubilee, support for the UK Royal family seems to be growing in Australia. It would be wrong to suggest that all Australians believe the Queen should be the head of state because there is a significant federal Australian movement.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that not only does the Queen take on a very prominent role as head of state but the very close relationship with the UK has been very lucrative for the Australian economy. This relationship is set to continue for many years to come and indeed if support for the Royal family continues to grow, as it appears to be, then we can only assume that ties will become closer. Today’s celebrations will be welcomed by the Royal family and perhaps significantly weaken those opposed to the Queen remaining as head of Australia.

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