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by Mark Benson on February 8, 2012

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Australia Day celebrations marred by violence.

Get the flags out, Lady Gaga is coming!

Over the last few weeks we have seen the announcement that’s some of the biggest names in music will be touring Australia in 2012 to the delight of their millions of fans around the world. It seems Australia is most certainly on the international music map with names such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart and Lenny Kravitz amongst others venturing to Oz this year, but why is the country suddenly becoming popular amongst the music community?

The strong Australian dollar

The strong Australian dollar is a reflection of the growing economy which continues to battle against the worldwide economic downturn and is expected to grow by 3% in 2012. This has made the country something of a safe haven in the eyes of many investors and led to further strength in the Australian currency. The strong Australian dollar is attracting a significant number of the biggest names in pop and 2012 will certainly be a very rich year for this particular sector.

At this point in time it seems as though the Australian economy is set to continue its unprecedented growth despite the doom and gloom around the world. There have been rumours of other big stars looking towards the country as the next port of call and who can blame them when you consider the sun, economy, music environment and millions of fans.

Declining overseas concert sales

As you may guess, with the worldwide economy continuing to move downwards we have seen more and more fans keeping their money in their pockets and refusing to pay out for “extortionate” music tickets. As a consequence many of the largest names in the pop industry have been forced to look elsewhere from the beaten track to make ends meet and perform for their fans.

The relative strength of the Australian economy means that disposable income is probably more available than the vast majority of other countries around the world. This has obviously led some of the biggest names in the music industry and their management to look towards growing their Australian fan base whilst taking the opportunity to perform a number of concerts which will further fill their coffers.

Is Australia the new music boom land?

While the likes of Lady Gaga, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen appear set to hit the Australian stage there are other names such as Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Duran Duran, New Order, Lenny Kravitz, Rod Stewart and renowned DJs Swedish house Mafia waiting on the sidelines. It seems certain that 2012 will be a major year for music fans in the southern hemisphere, but will it last?

Aside from the names above it is also rumoured that Paul McCartney, Prince, Radiohead, One Direction and an array of other well-known pop bands and music acts are also being lined up by Australian promoters. Against this backdrop it is difficult to see how the situation can change overnight and we may well be on the verge of a new era for the Australian music industry as the country finally receives the acknowledgements it has worked so hard for.

Excellent PR for Australia

When you take into account the fact that many pop moguls have been forced to cancel various tours around the world due to a lack of interest because of the money situation, this is an excellent public relations coup for Australia. We are not just seeing a small number of the best-known names in the world but an ever extending catalogue of music stars from the modern era and years gone by. Whether some could be accused of “jumping on the bandwagon” is a matter for debate but the fact is there must be significant demand from the Australian population for all of these names to be pencilled in for the 2012 calendar year.

If the Australian promoters are cute with their public relations and organisational skills there is every chance that Australia will become a major stopping off point for music superstars in the future. It would be unfair to say that Australia has not attracted its fair share of music superstars over the years but the very fact that each and every one is choosing Australia because of the strength of the economy is a further feather in the cap of the authorities. This could ultimately lead to a new era for the Australian pop music industry and a new era for touring bands and promoters.

Onwards and upwards

Despite the fact that there is doom and gloom in Europe and in many areas of the world it seems that the Australian situation is going from strength to strength even though many continue to question the underlying prospects for the economy. The feel good factor associated with some of the biggest names in pop making a stop off in Australia in 2012 should not be underestimated because these are like World Cup years and will attract the attention of millions upon millions of music fans.

What better way to try and get away from the ever depressing news on the worldwide economy than to sing along and bounce along to Madonna, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney and an array of other music superstars. It also gives these leading musicians the chance to increase their profile in Australia which will ultimately lead to more fans, more income and more visits in the future.

The Australian social life continues to blossom

Australia has a reputation for a very active and a very buoyant social life with many suggesting certain areas of the country, i.e. the Gold Coast, offer a 24-hour seven days a week party lifestyle. Even though many expats are looking for a quieter life and a new career there are some who are looking for a lively social life and a lively working life. The truth is that Australia offers many things to many people and continues to grow in stature amongst the worldwide expat community.

Whether the economy can fight the tides of a difficult European economic outlook in the medium term remains to be seen but at this point in time the management of the Australian economy has been just about perfect.

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