Australian government launches tourist advertising blitz

by Mark Benson on June 4, 2012

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Australian government launches tourist advertising blitz

The Australian government has today announced the launch of a new AU$250 million advertising campaign aimed at increasing the awareness of the Australian tourist industry to an array of emerging markets. The tourism minister, Martin Ferguson, is today in Shanghai to launch the advertising campaign which will be rolled out across the globe over the next three years.

Where will these adverts appear?

The adverts will be visible via an array of television commercials which are specifically aimed at the higher end of the tourism sector where income is potentially higher than average. The opening leg of the advertising blitz will also feature a number of “city experiences” which are known to be a very important element of tourist experiences for Asian visitors.

The advert will take in an array of Australia’s most famous landmarks including the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Great Barrier Reef, Kangaroo Island, etc, etc. This is by far and away the largest campaign launch by the government in tandem with the tourist industry for many years. The very fact it is targeted towards the higher end of the income scale may surprise some people but this is no short-term aspiration and more of a long-term operation.

The Australian tourist industry

Prior to the emergence of the Australian mining industry the tourist sector was by far and away the most visible element of life in Australia. Indeed it is one of the main reasons why many people decided to start a new life in the country and moved lock, stock and barrel. It has some of the most breathtaking locations in the world, one of the most laid-back lifestyles and investors willing to put in millions of dollars for the longer term.

There are high hopes that the Australian tourist sector will experience something of a resurgence on the back of this three-year advertising campaign and take away some of the overweight dependence upon the mining sector. It is not healthy for any economy to depend upon one sector in particular and the government, as well as the tourist industry, will be very keen to ensure this is avoided in the longer term.

Why was China selected as a launch venue?

You would normally have expected any advertising blitz concerning the Australian tourist sector to be launched in one of Australia’s more prominent tourist districts. However, in what many see as yet another example of forward thinking by the authorities they have decided to use China, one of the country’s major trading partners at the moment, as the launch base for the advertising campaign.

Not only is China one of the more prominent trading partners of Australia at this moment in time but it has also become one of the more prominent tourist hotspots for the Australian tourist industry. The decision to target China as the starting point for the advertising campaign was made in tandem with Tourism Australia which has had a very influential role with regards to the launch of this campaign and bringing together investors from all sides.

The employment market

It is also worth noting that the tourist sector in Australia has been a very vital element of the employment market for many years now both in terms of permanent positions and seasonal opportunities. The sector has also attracted more than its fair share of overseas visitors who are purely and simply looking for short-term summer opportunities during which they can earn sufficient money to cover their expenses while looking to enjoy the lifestyle and climate of the country. This has been one of the major attractions for many of the younger expat community who are perhaps looking for a break from education or else looking to experience life in another country.

It is also worth noting that the unemployment rate at this point in time is 4.9% for the whole of Australia which is significantly lower than the average developed country. At a time when the European economy is struggling to make ends meet it seems some areas of the Australian economy are still struggling to attract specific skill sets. The tourist industry is perhaps not one of these where skills sets are in short supply because of the constant number of visitors coming to the country. So, we can only assume that the AU$250 million advertising campaign will herald a new era of both permanent and temporary positions which will be well received by a variety of different groups.

Where next for the Australian bandwagon?

It seems that the Australian government in tandem with the tourist industry is determined to tackle emerging markets around the globe. As a consequence, while China has obviously been placed first on the list with the launch today we should probably expect similar events in India, Malaysia, etc over the coming months and years. Indeed it is also worth noting that the Australian government has forged much closer links with the US authorities over the last few months and we can also expect some activity in this area as well.

It is worth noting, yet again, that the forward thinking nature of various Australian government policies is now beginning to kick in. This three year advertising campaign may not yield an immediate return but it will certainly plant the seeds of thought in the minds of many around the globe. So, as and when the worldwide economy returns to some kind of stability it is not inconceivable to assume that Australia will have benefited significantly in terms of general trade and its presence in the tourism industry.


The AU$250 million advertising campaign is certainly a welcome injection of fresh ideas and fresh blood into the Australian tourist sector. It has in many ways been put in the shadow by the ever growing and all conquering Australian mining sector which continues to go from strength to strength. However, if we return back to basics it will soon become evident that the Australian tourist sector does play a vital role in the overall stability of the country and the economy.

Yet again we have seen the Australian authorities acting in a manner which many governments around the world would not consider during these difficult economic times. However, it is this medium to long-term forward thinking, as opposed to short-termism, which has benefited the Australian economy in recent times and will do again in the future.

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