Broadband in Australia

by Ray Clancy on March 7, 2013

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Broadband in Australia

Broadband in Australia received a massive boost just a few months ago when the government announced $34 billion in new funding for a fibre-optic Australia broadband network. The Internet Australia style is very similar to that in the UK where a large group of Internet service providers are fighting for a share of the massive future market. So, what kind of services can you expect and who are the better Australia Internet service providers?

Broadband speed Australia

There are many different broadband services available which include ADSL, naked DSL, cable, wireless, mobile broadband and for those in some of the more rural areas of Australia, satellite broadband. Broadband speeds will vary dramatically across the range of different options although it is expected that the new Australia NBN service will offer speeds of up to 1 GB per second which would incorporate the latest cutting-edge fibre-optic network technology.

The list of Internet service providers Australia includes worldwide names such as Vodafone and Optus together with some which are perhaps not as well known in Europe including Southern Cross Telco, TransACT Broadband, iiiNet broadband and BigPond to name but a few. Those looking for broadband Australia style will certainly have plenty to consider no matter which part of the country they live.

Australia Internet in the future

The multibillion-dollar project announced by the Australian government was flagged well in advance and indeed many in the business arena had been waiting some time for the move. The impact this will have upon broadband speed Australia will be there for all to see and while some opposition parties have suggested downgrading the expenditure, should we see a change of government later this year, there will be massive pressure from businesses and consumers to see through this ambitious broadband network plan.

Quote from : “I thought with the new Broadband Rollout, that there would be more expo’s with a Telecoms focus.”

If you do a quick search for “broadband speed Australia” you will see there are many different options available, many different speeds although ultimately we have seen year-on-year improvements. Few countries have benefited from a business point of view to the extent which Australia has and the fact that the government and business leaders are prepared to embrace new technology, invest for the future and move with the new technology times is certainly one of the reasons why the country is doing so well.

Australia mobile broadband

As you might expect from a country which has more than its fair share of landline, mobile and broadband companies, mobile broadband is also something very prominent in the new technology mix. Slowly, the spread of mobile broadband services available across Australia is expanding, their capacity is improving, speeds are increasing and ultimately coverage is better than it ever has been.

Those looking towards Australia from the outside are unlikely to fully appreciate the very challenging climate and landscape of the country. This is an area of the world which has some of the most expensive cities on the planet while many of the population live in the wilderness often miles away from “civilisation”. The Australian government broadband plan will see 93% of homes across Australia able to receive the new fibre-optic broadband service within 10 years and the additional 7%, who live in the more rural areas, will either have fixed wireless broadband or access to satellite broadband services.

There is no doubt that the Australian government is certainly embracing the Internet, looking to the future and not only from a consumer point of view. The Internet will play a more vital role going forward for Australian businesses many of which are more than happy to move with the times and expand their reach across the globe.


There are many different broadband services available across Australia, there are many different speeds and there are many different delivery systems. The government’s multibillion-dollar broadband network project may have been delayed recently due to a number of financial matters, which took longer than expected to sort out, but it is certainly all systems go today.

Expats moving to Australia looking for broadband services may well be surprised at the breadth of services available from not only local Australian companies but international operators. As more and more people look to work online, many look to work from home, there are certainly many options for anyone looking to make Australia their future homeland.

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