Can Kevin Rudd lead Australia to the promised land?

by Mark Benson on June 30, 2013

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Can Kevin Rudd lead Australia to the promised land?

Can Kevin Rudd lead Australia to the promised land?

The recent history of the Australian Labor Party has been dominated by infighting, arguments and confusion. After a number of attempts to oust former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd has finally made it back to leader of the Labor Party and Prime Minister of Australia. The speed at which the leadership battle emerged and then suddenly ended caught many people by surprise but apparently there has been an undercurrent of discomfort with regards to the premiership of Julia Gillard for some time.

However, will the introduction of Kevin Rudd to the mix lead to a return to power for his beloved Australian Labor Party?

History repeating itself

When Julia Gillard took over the leadership of the Labor Party and became Prime Minister of Australia she also did so under a cloud. She ruthlessly exploited divisions within the Labor Party and concerns about Kevin Rudd’s alleged activities while in office to oust her former ally and march on to take over the party. How ironic then that Julia Gillard was ousted in double quick time in a coup which had many similarities with her own venture!

Those who support the Australian Labor Party seem to have forgiven Kevin Rudd for his various misdemeanours while previously in office. There were secret videotapes on YouTube allegedly showing him mistreating his staff, there had also been rumours of angry confrontations and low morale. He publicly apologised for his apparent indiscretions and while a previous leadership challenge disintegrated earlier this year he was successful earlier this week.

Quote from : “It has been announced today that Prime Minister Julia Gillard has called for a leadership vote within the Australian Labor Party. Yet again Kevin Rudd seems to be making waves within the party with yet another challenge for the leadership. Is the Australian Labor Party in danger of ripping itself apart?”

Can Kevin Rudd rescue the Labor Party?

While Kevin Rudd made a number of mistakes while in office previously there is no doubt that Julia Gillard has on numerous occasions become a comical figure. Indeed just a few days prior to her axing as leader of the Labor Party she was involved in a very embarrassing radio interview which questioned her private life. Those who have seen the interview would have cringed with embarrassment for Julia Gillard who was put in an impossible situation.

Kevin Rudd will likely enjoy something of a honeymoon period now that he has returned to top office in the Labor Party and taken on the role of Prime Minister. He has until September to turnaround the polls which show that support for his party is very weak and indeed previous infighting does not appear to have helped this. If any of his old traits re-emerge again in the short to medium term this could do more damage to the Labor Party and the chances of being re-elected come September.

Will Kevin Rudd go green again?

Kevin Rudd has always been a supporter of the green movement and indeed while previously in office he attempted to push through a number of controversial green bills. There is growing speculation that he will revert back to his original green foundations and attempt to tackle climate change which he describes as the “greatest moral, economic and environmental challenge of our generation”. Whether this will cut much ice with Australian voters and the Australian public remains to be seen!

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