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australiaflagIMAGE200The forum is all about moving to Australia but the list of things to do when you arrive as an immigrant to your new home country remains relatively the same. Many online advisories are available with a few clicks of the keyboard in the Internet and some may even be more extensive and expansive compared to this one. If the advisory you have found discusses matters such as finances and accounting, mode of transport, car arrangements, home rentals, mobile phone access, seeking gainful employment and health insurance coverage, then take all the advice to heart. Do take note of the comments as well as the date of the advisory, so that you are able to cull the important matters to be prepared for the road that lies ahead on your immigration.

Some online advisories may even provide the business hours of government offices you would be working with as you undertake the task of immigrating to the new country. Timescales are also provided for certain governmental processes that you need to undergo. You would also find a treasure trove of what needs to be avoided as you undergo the process of immigrating. You would be given a situational breakdown and recommended corrective measures you can do to either avoid or undo these pitfalls in the process.  One of the more popular discussions is the correct process of registering at Centrelink, the government office that is tasked to find employment opportunities as well as social security payments of individual employees. You can also find information on publications you can read that provide you the much-needed information to assist you in your immigration needs as well as keep you updated on the rules and regulations in force that affect your status. From there, get all the pertinent information and make your own list suited to your moving needs.

A Simple List

Here is a simple list of what you need to oversee when you arrive in your new country of destination, culled from the many advisories available online:

  • The first and biggest need to be established is opening a bank account in Australia. Here, you would be able to transact business, receive salaries, pay bills and become a contributing member to Australian society. Once you have this, you are better able to do many things and acquire property when Down Under.
  • Even before going to Australia, you would need to find a home. Currently, there is a supposed shortage of housing in the country, so finding one temporarily when you arrive as an immigrant would be the short-term plan. Once you have established yourself financially, you can then choose to purchase or rent a home that is best suited for your needs.
  • Enlisting for school. This is most especially important for immigrant families with young ones. Finding the best ones not far from home would be one of the guiding factors in choosing a home. Then, enrolling in that school is paramount as there are existing laws requiring school age children to be schooled during the Australian academic year.
  • Finding a means to get around. Australia is a big place and in order for you to be better able to experience all that it can offer, you need a mode of transport that can help you on your way. If you have the means, then purchase a car when in the country. Otherwise, you can either rent a vehicle when you need one or just learn the public transport system in the area you live in and work your schedule around that. Not only would it be cheaper, it would also help you integrate better as you are on the ground always, so to speak.
  • Getting covered. Insurance is essential in Australia as it is one of the ways to be able to finance any accident or mishap that may occur during your stay in Australia. Though you would be covered under Medicare and PBS, it is best to have private health insurance coverage for your medical needs and accident insurance if you own a car and travel.
  • Learning the community. Each country has its own nuances, including language and activities. This is so much more prevalent in Australia as it is often said that you need to learn “the Aussie way” of doing things to be better integrated. Take time out to reach for social groups or even with neighbors so you can be better able to acclimatize to your new surroundings.
  • Unlearning the old ways. The most common pitfall of immigrants is expecting that the way of life in the new country would be similar or supposedly better than your old way of life. Comparing and holding on to your former life would only make things very much more difficult in your new home. When you do arrive in your new home residence, you would have to do so with an open mind, wide eyed and clear mind so that you would be able to accept the new way of life you are about to lead.


The most popular ones often discuss the problems you will face when moving to Australia. The lessons that can be learned though from this can easily be used in your immigration experience to any country in the world. These tidbits of information will only serve to help you acclimatize better after you have decided to move from your home country to a new country of residence.

In all of the activities, planning ahead will only help avoid much of the stress and pressure of moving to another country. If you are well prepared, you can easily overcome the small things that often cause the greatest irritation for your travel. These include managing your expectations and handy language phrases to use when in the country of destination. In doing so, you can become easily adjusted and start living in comfort and security in your new home country. You also need to revert to your list of things to do, as it is the guide for you to be better able to acclimatize and integrate yourself into Australia.

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