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by Bob Sheth on December 13, 2009

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The capital city of South Australia is Adelaide. This Australian city is the most populous city in the country and is showcase of stylish architecture, modern shops, many white sand beaches, events and entertainment. It is populated by over a million people and it has many of the modern amenities of a metropolitan city. The city enjoys a Mediterranean climate with a rainy winter season.

The city is a located on the coast of the Gulf of St Vincent with the Adelaide Plains nestled on the Mount Lofty Ranges. The city center houses the state’s seat of government and central business district. All year round is a schedule of many festivals and sporting events that showcase the city’s wine and culture. Tourism is a booming industry in the city as its commercial and financial sectors make the country one of the Top 10 Most Livable Cities Index in the world.

The City of Adelaide

The city is located to the north of the Fleurieu Peninsula and stretches into the foothills of the Mount Lofty Ranges. Before the British settlement of Australia, the area where Adelaide is now situated was bushland with a large tracts of swampland and marshland. In the development of the city, these areas were cleared but areas were designated as parkland and later named the Cleland Conservation Park and Belair National Park. Due to this, the city has many creeks and rivers run throughout the city and is fed into the city’s Mount Bold Reservoir.

The city’s economic sector has been quite affected by the worldwide economic recession. This has forced the labor demand to shift into part-time or casual employment. The median income is a bit below the national average but this is backstopped by a lower living cost compared to the rest of the cities in Australia. A similar house in Adelaide costs half of the cost in Sydney and two-thirds below that of Melbourne.

One of the bastions of the city of Adelaide is its educational sector. The developmental goal for Adelaide is to make it Australia’s education hub and Learning City. The school system is broken into two separate systems, namely the public schools sector and the private school sector. All schools work under the South Australian Certificate of Education(SACE) which provides both governance as well as financial assistance for these schools. The tertiary education sector is extensive, with many institutes of TAFE South Australia located all throughout the city. These institutions provide vocational education and training. The city is also home to the University of Adelaide, the University of South Australia and the Carnegie Mellon University. Other universities that have established their home in Adelaide include the Heinz College Australia , the Entertainment Technology Centre in Light SquareCranfield University, the University College London and the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

Moving to Adelaide

With the allure of Adelaide clearly illuminated, it is certain that many foreigners have made the trek to become immigrants to the city. Once you have been granted permanent residence status, you would need to prepare for the final leg of your immigrant journey to Adelaide. In taking this step in moving to Adelaide, you are to encounter many problems along the way. Found below is a short list of things you need to take care of as you start your preparations for your eventual move to Adelaide.

1)      Transporting your possessions. This is one of the major aspects of your move that you do personally. This includes identifying the items to be brought to your new abode in Adelaide and which ones are to be left behind in your old home. Then you need to contact a professional moving company to ship these items across the globe. With the things you leave behind, you can conduct a garage sale in your old neighborhood so that you can earn extra cash for your use in your new location.

2)      Flight Reservations. You need to coordinate the seating as well as baggage restrictions on your flight. This is important as you need to find out how much personal baggage you can carry on the plane. One other detail you need to oversee is the transportation from your old home to the airport. After your flight, you also need to have transportation from the airport to your new residence in the city.

3)      Complete Medical Records. As you start your new life in Adelaide, you need to fully apprise the medical community in your new residence of your current medical conditions. This can only be done by bringing complete medical histories of each member of your family. These records are also important for your registration with Medicare and PBS in Adelaide.

4)      Formal Notifications. This is a formality that is important for your financial future in the country. You need to inform your current employer as to your change of status. You need to inform your debtors and creditors of the need to wind up financial affairs after formal notification. From there, the formal notifications request for certifications that would be important as you re-start your life after moving to Adelaide.

5)      Having Access. Since most of the work in moving to Adelaide is in coordination, you need to be properly set up to be accessible and have access. To be accessible means you can easily be reached by your contacts who are assisting you in moving to Adelaide. You also need to have a proper communication set up such as a mobile phone and internet access. This would tremendously be helpful as you coordinate your travel plans as well as your shipping details to your new home in Adelaide.

6)      Documents and References. You need to have complete documentation especially when it comes to the closure of accounts or completion of loans. These financial documents would be of great importance as you establish yourself credit wise and register yourself with utility companies and the like. As for references, these documents can help you obtain employment. Since there is a great time difference, having references formally done can ensure that your prospective employer would be able to be assured of your capacities and capabilities.

7)      Updating Personal Records. Your personal records are documents that indicate you current status and location. Since this is a change of location for you, you need to update your records to reflect the change of residence. This makes you easier to contact as well as be reached for any clarifications and certifications that you may need in moving to Adelaide.

8)      File Copies. In order to prevent any loss of valuable information, it is best that you have copies of these documents for your safety purposes. For formal documentation, have copies done and have them duly certified by a local official to ascertain their originality. Have the originals physically with you when you get on your flight. Beforehand, pack a full folder of the certified copies in a sealed case with your personal belongings shipped so you have a back up in case documentation gets lost. As for electronic documentation, especially if you do not bring along your computer, save them in multiple memory sticks to avoid loss which can hamper your life’s return to normalcy. Distribute these memory sticks amongst your family members and your possessions being transported. This can prevent any kind of losses on your end.

In moving to Adelaide, you certainly would need a lot of assistance when it comes to being able to build your life again. The changes may be unnerving to some and stressful for others. The following tips though can certainly assist in making the smooth transition and certainly allowing your life to return to normal.

a)      Opening a bank account. This is the first step you need to undertake regarding your return to normalcy. The bank account establishes your financial personality. In doing so, you need to submit your previous bank statements, credit ratings and other pertinent financial information. You also need to put in money to get your bank account in order. Finally, your references can assure the bank in Australia of your worthiness as an investor and creditor.

b)      Home Situation. Upon arriving in Adelaide, you may be situated in a house that does not fulfill your residential requirements. Make this a temporary set up until you are financially able to get to a home better suited for your needs. This may take some time so it is best that you engage the services of a real estate agent to provide you with all the choice options for your picking. You can even be advised on whether to get a mortgage or just rent out a home depending on your income situation.

c)      Finding a good school. Since Adelaide is now being touted as the Educational Hub of Australia, many good schools have been established in the area. This starts from the primary and secondary educational levels, as it strives to increase the learning skills of its student population. As for tertiary education, there are a host of universities and colleges that are located within the city or just beyond it. Also included in this class of schools are the TAFE institutions that provide technical education for its populace. You have great options to choose from when you decide on moving to Adelaide.

d)      Transport Needs. The public transportation system in Adelaide provides a network of buses and other means to assist you as you move about the city and its suburbs. The best way though is to have your own vehicle, be it a rental or a purchase. This allows you the necessary freedom to move about when you undertake moving to Adelaide. Before purchasing a car, do have your license updated to be allowed on Australia’s roadways. Also, have proper insurance coverage so that you avoid the hassle of having money issues in case of a collision or accident.

e)      Budgeting Costs. The prices in Adelaide would be very different from the costs you were used to in your old residence. Aside from getting used to the Australian monies, you need to be fully aware of the costs, taxes and all the other financial effects of moving to Adelaide. Though prices may be a bit steeper in the city, it is still quite cheaper relative to the other major urban centers of Melbourne and Sydney.

Living in Adelaide

The city offers many options for your purchase needs. There is Rundle Mall, a pedestrian-only shopping strip, with many arcades and side streets coming off it with over 800 shops to choose from. The Central Market offers fresh produce and a range of goods, with cheap multi-storey parking. Another shopping area is called Chinatown, a pedestrian-only adjacent to Central Market. The Tea Tree Plaza complex (TTP for short) is a medium-sized shopping centre with over 250 shops. Another option is the Westfield Marion Shopping Centre. It is Adelaide’s largest shopping centre with over 400 shops. Near the airport is located Harbour Town, a mid sized mall currently undergoing an expansion, featuring outlet shopping.

You can also dine in the many cafes and restaurants located all throughout the city. One aspect of meals in restaurants around Adelaide is the concept of “BYO”. This allows you to bring in your own wine into the restaurant for a small service charge. Tipping is also one of the major aspects of restaurant dining that is looked forward to by the servers. After dinner drinks can also be enjoyed in the many pubs and bars around the city. You are prohibited though from smoking in enclosed areas as stated under South Australian law.

As you can see, moving to Adelaide is one of the best decisions you will probably ever do in your life. The city provides a great economic as well as educational opportunity for you and your family. The facilities are modern and the prices are reasonable for one of the most livable places in the world. Ultimately, your choice in moving to Adelaide will only great dividends for you and your family’s full realization of potential and development.

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